‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rental Car GTOUR Women’s Tournament’ 1st Final Hyeonji Hong won… Achieved 5 wins in total

In the first round of the ‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-A-Car GTOUR Women’s Tournament’ held at Golfzon Joymaru Stadium in Daejeon on the 29th, Hong Hyun-ji finished with a final total of 18 under par (1st round 11 under par, 2nd round 7 under par). He said he had won. 

The first GTOUR women’s championship in the 2023 season was won by Hong Hyun-ji, who had a record of winning the grand prize and prize money in the last 21 and 22 consecutive seasons. Hyunji Hong made 11 birdies without a bogey in the first round alone, and as always, she added a calm performance to her confident shot play, winning the championship by 4 strokes over Kwon Da-won with a final 18 under par. 

Kwon Da-won, who showed strong mental strength by playing a tight game with Hong Hyeon-ji until the last hole, was unfortunately ranked 2nd with 14 under par, but with her wonderful play, she clearly imprinted her presence as a player to be expected in the upcoming GTOUR competition. Shim Ji-yeon, who caught 7 the par in the final round, also showed a performance similar to that of Shim Ji-yeon with calm play and finished the game in 3rd place with 13 under par. In addition, the doctoral department, who showed that he must be a player to pay attention to last season, finished 4th with an 11 under par, and Su-bin Su, who showed off his charm as a rookie with an 8 under par record, finished 6th. An 메이저사이트 unstoppable match unfolded.   

Hong Hyunji, the winner, said, “Above all, I would like to thank the Golf Zone, sponsors and officials who held the screen golf tournament, as well as my family and fans who supported me.” I was able to have and feel confident as a golfer, so I plan to focus on GTOUR from the beginning, so please look forward to it and support me.”

The first round of the women’s tournament, held with a total prize money of 70 million won, was held in the Golf Zone TWOVISION PRO tour mode, and the top 5 GTOUR target points for the 2022 season and the winners of the previous season, as well as the qualifiers, recommendations, invitations, etc. More than 70 players with outstanding skills competed and drew attention. The tournament was held on the 1st, 2 rounds, 4 players, and a total of 36 holes of stroke play were combined to determine the first winner of the 2023 new season after tight play. 

 Meanwhile, ‘2023 GTOUR Women’s 1st Tournament’ is participated as a main sponsor by Lotte Rental, which has contributed to the development of GTOUR women’s competition through continuous title sponsorship, and digital Cheongpung, May Clean, Cleveland Golf Wear, World Wine, Dunlop Sports Korea are sub-sponsored. went out to On the day of the match, the tournament was broadcast live on the Screen Golf Zone channel, Naver Sports, Daum Sports, and Golf Zone YouTube channels from 9:00 and 13:30 for the first and second rounds, respectively. In particular, from the 2023 season, we plan to actively introduce the charm of the K-Screen Golf Tour by conducting global transmission to eight Southeast Asian countries, including Hong Kong and Thailand, through SPOTV channel TV and OTT services.

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