128 Billion Man Utd Winger Helps – Creates 0 Opportunities…”We have to do better”

Anthony came to Manchester United with an astronomical transfer fee, but failed to meet expectations.

The Brazilian winger was another talent Ajax nurtured. As a Brazilian, he was in the limelight for his brilliant technique and good kicking ability. He has been called the next-generation Brazilian national team striker. He was recognized for his skills in Brazil enough to go to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The increasingly famous Anthony joined Manchester United last summer.

The transfer fee alone was 95 million euros (approximately 127.6 billion won). It is true that Anthony showed his ability by going back and forth between Ajax and Brazil, but it was pointed out that the transfer fee was too high. In his debut match, Anthony raised expectations for him by displaying his signature confidence and skill. He scored 3 goals in 11 English Premier League (EPL) matches and scored points in the cup competition, accumulating attack points.메이저놀이터

However, when he watched the game, he was often disappointed. He did not get along well with players in similar positions, such as Bruno Fernandes and Christian Eriksen. He has been compared to Marcus Rashford at his peak. There was an opinion that he had less influence than youngster Alejandro Garnacho. There were many stories that the overall game was better when Bruno played as a right-handed striker.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Most of the Manchester United players recruited in the summer are good. It’s not Anthony, who had the highest transfer fee. He relied too much on his left foot and rarely used his right foot. It’s easy to predict from the opposing defense’s point of view. It’s really unfortunate that there is no help and no chances are created.”

“Out of 24 dribbling attempts, only 9 were successful. Left-footed dribbling only seems to be as effective as Arjen Robben. Of course, Anthony is still in the stage of adapting to Manchester United. But it is true that he needs to increase his influence. “he added.

With Rashford looking good on the right side and Jadon Sancho returning, Anthony’s position could be narrower. In order to properly value the transfer fee, it seems that a better performance is needed than now.

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