‘1 trillion investment → UCL elimination’ Chelsea, in front of Exodus… “At least 10 people want to transfer”

Chelsea, who are going through turmoil, are facing the upcoming Summer Exodus.

England’s ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 22nd (Korean time): “Chelsea is facing an exodus. At least 10 players are considering a future in the team this summer. He is about to leave Stamford Bridge after being eliminated.”

Chelsea are in an extreme slump this season. Coach Thomas Tuchel and coach Graham Porter left the team one after another, and coach Frank Lampard, who started as a firefighter, is also recording four consecutive losses after taking office. 스포츠토토

In no time, the league rankings fell to 11th place. UCL, the last hope, also finished its journey in the quarterfinals. Chelsea were eliminated by Real Madrid after a 0-4 aggregate score in the first and second legs. 

It is more painful because it is the result of spending more money than anyone else. Chelsea invested 600 million pounds (approximately 987.8 billion won) this season alone and hired more than 10 players, including Enso Fernandez, Dartro Popana, Joao Felix (on loan), Mihailo Mudrik, Wesley Popana, and Marc Cucurella. scraped up There are more new recruits than league wins.

The locker room is also in chaos. After the UCL dropout, captain Thiago Silva said: “We can’t just blame the manager if we don’t take responsibility. The team is having a hard time because they can’t make clear decisions. Owners have changed and new players have joined. The existing locker room has a squad of players. “We had to scale up because we couldn’t fit all of them,” he said. “We brought in eight people in January alone. Now we have to stop and strategize, otherwise we could make the same mistake next season.”

The salaries of the players next season will also be drastically cut. Some Chelsea players will have their salaries cut by more than 30% in the aftermath of failing to advance to the UCL. Mostly, players who have recently signed a contract are eligible, and players who have been at Chelsea for a long time are not eligible. 

After all, more than 10 players are pushing for a transfer. The media said, “Chelsea has only seven league games left, and it seems virtually impossible to advance to Europe next season.” said.

Chelsea are now planning to reduce the size of their squad. However, it is a problem because even the players who do not want to leave are trying to leave the team. The media said, “Chelsea wants to send out at least 8 players before pre-season so that the next manager can easily manage the team. “We are trying not to sell young stars to rival teams, such as insisting that we will not sell Colwill.”

There is also the task of catching key players. The media said, “Chelsea have a difficult few months ahead of which they will have to convince Kai Havertz and Kante. They are trying to transfer players they want to sell instead of them, such as Pulisic and Edouard Mendy.”

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