1.1 innings KKKK… ‘High School 2nd Choi Dong-won Award’ When Kim Jin-wook explodes, Lotte gets scared

 Lotte has two unsolved puzzles. They are Choi Jun-yong (22, Lotte) and Kim Jin-wook (20, Lotte).

The two are currently the biggest fish among Lotte’s promising players. They are the players who must be saved and used as the main axis of the team. This word is in line with the fact that Lotte’s power is completed when two people hold an axis. This is a scenario that both the fans and the club desperately want.

Kim Jin-wook led Lotte to a come-from-behind victory with the best pitching this season. Kim Jin-wook took the mound as the second pitcher after Park Se-woong in the home game against Kia on April 18, and took 1 walk and 4 strikeouts in 1.1 innings and pitched well without allowing a run.

Kim Jin-wook, who pitched Park Se-woong with two outs in the 5th inning, struck out Lee Woo-sung with three misses. He wasn’t a very fast ball, but he was a four-seam with a good texture to hit and press with his unique high RBI.

In the sixth inning, he mixed up a breaking ball. The sliders and curves are properly blended. He struck out all three batters, although he gave up a walk after throwing a curveball to Ryu Ji-hyeok at 3-2. Overall, his pitching was stable, and his expression on the mound was bright.

Kim Jin-wook’s strength is that his high RBI runs smoothly. In particular, it is not easy to hit sliders and curveballs with large angles that fall from an RBI similar to four-seams. He is also a player with fighting skills, and he has good match management skills. 카지노사이트

At the time of the Golden Lion in the first year of high school, he made his debut on the high school stage by pitching 4 scoreless innings against the prestigious Chungam High School in the first game of the preliminary round. At that time, the pitcher of the opposing team was Kang Hyo-jong (20, LG), who started today. It was around that time that Gangneung High School began to make its name known on the national stage. After that, he led Gangneung High School to its first national championship (presidential cup), and entered Lotte with the 2nd nomination overall.

But after joining, something didn’t work out. Everyone believed he would do well, but he continued to expose his disappointing appearance. However, recently, he has been recovering his position and confidence little by little. Although it is a short inning, good memories are gradually building up. And the frequency of undefeated runs continues to rise.

On April 18, the match between KIA and Lotte was actually decided in a left-handed setup man fight. Kim Jin-wook, who came up in a situation where the team was reversed, broke the atmosphere, and Kim Dae-yu, who came up in the previous situation, collapsed on his own, allowing as many as three walks.

Of course, Kim Jin-wook has recently been blocking the scoreless goal, but he is not satisfied yet. This is because the expectations of Kim Jin-wook that fans have come to expect are in a much higher place.

If they assume that Kim Jin-wook survives, Lotte becomes scared. Kim Jin-wook is not just a left-handed bullpen. He is a player with such potential that he won the Choi Dong-won Award during his sophomore year of high school.

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